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El Khayam Cafe & Hookah Bar Steinway St jeh.jpg
A place where guests can smoke hookah (aka waterpipe, nargile, shisha). Edit or translate this description.
Group: Food and beverages
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A hookah_lounge is a place where guests can smoke hookah (aka waterpipe, nargile, shisha). A hookah lounge can also serve drinks and snacks but smoking is the main activity.

A restaurant or cafe that also offers hookahs should be tagged as as amenity=restaurant or amenity=cafe

In many countries smoking regulations do not permit establishments to serve food where smoking is allowed.

Old man using a Hookah

Related tags

  • shop=hookah - A shop that sells Hookahs and/or related accessories, parts, repair
  • shop=tobacco - A shop that sells tobacco
  • smoking=* - A tag for indicating whether smoking is allowed