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An open or enclosed platform used by hunters to place themselves at an elevated height above the terrain. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Amenities
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Hunting stands (or  tree stands) are open or enclosed platforms used by hunters to place themselves at an elevated height above the terrain.

How to map?

Place a node node and add a tag amenity=hunting_stand to it.

Tags to use in combination

  • shelter=yes - hunting stand has a roof
  • height=* - height (number without m)
  • direction=* - field of view
  • hide=yes/no - enclosed stands that almost look like a shed
  • lockable=yes - is it lockable?
  • ladder=yes - does it have ladder? (maybe unnecessary, implied by raised=yes/no)
  • raised=yes/no - is it raised over terrain or is it on earth level only?

Differentiation by design:

Combination of amenity=hunting_stand with

  • hunting_stand=tree_stand or tree=yes - hunting stand placed on a tree
  • hunting_stand=hide - hunting stand on an earth level
  • hunting_stand=raised_hide or raised=yes - (locked) raised enclosed hunting stand
  • hunting_stand=grouse_butt - a traditional type used for driven grouse shooting in the British Isles. Usually a semi-circular or horseshoe shaped wall made of stone or turves. It encloses the shooter and possibly a loader. Usually arranged in lines. Some less traditional designs may also be seen. NOTE: these can be mapped as ways.

Additional tags which should not be used:

blind=yes - hunting stand is masked — please use hide instead, blind collides with tagging for the blind, see OSM for the blind.
lock=yes/no - hunting stand is lockable — there is a conflict with Key:lock

See also

These structures are very similar or identical in construction and differ mostly by function:

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