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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = karaoke_box
A venue specifically for people to enjoy singing along with karaoke, usually with private booths. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: leisure
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amenity=karaoke_box is a venue where people enjoy singing along with karaoke, usually with private booths, also known as a karaoke lounge. Karaoke is a leisure activity where you can perform songs following their lyrics along with a pre-recorded musical background.

A karaoke box is a common type of karaoke establishment which originated in Japan but is now common in many countries. Karaoke boxes (or "lounges") consist of multiple rooms containing karaoke equipment, usually rented out for time periods. A typical karaoke box establishment contains 10-20 (or more) such rooms, and may also have a main karaoke bar area in the front. Karaoke box establishments often sell refreshments.

How to map

In most cases, karaoke boxes are not the actual building, but one of various businesses located inside a building. When this is the case, prefer using nodes, and add the tag amenity=karaoke_box.

This tag is for establishments that primarily serve as karaoke lounges. If a bar or restaurant is equipped for karaoke and you are expected to order food or drink in order to use the karaoke equipment, tag the establishment as amenity=bar + karaoke=yes or amenity=restaurant + karaoke=yes.