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Public-images-osm logo.svg boundary = safety_region
Boundary of a safety region
Group: boundaries
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boundary=safety_region can be used to map the boundaries of a safety region (Dutch: veiligheidsregio): an area in which various boards and services cooperate in the performance of tasks in the field of fire services, disaster and crisis management, medical assistance, public order and safety.

How to map

On the relation:


On member ways making up the relation†:


† When a way is being shared as an administrative boundary relation (boundary=administrative), and a safety region boundary relation, tag that member way with boundary=administrative. Both boundaries types are implied.

Country-specific information

The Netherlands

There are 25 safety regions (veiligheidsregio's) in the Netherlands. These regions are used as a regional level for e.g. the fire brigade, GGD, ambulances and disaster management. Besides that the police, courts and emergency centers use regions that comprise of one or more safety regions.

The boundaries of Dutch safety regions follow administrative boundaries, so boundary=safety_region isn't used on ways.

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