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2014-07-05 12 40 49 Sign for the Mountain Time Zone along Interstate 80 eastbound just west of the Utah border in West Wendover, Nevada.JPG
Boundaries of time zone Edit or translate this description.
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boundary=timezone is used to tag regions that observes a uniform standard time. Such boundaries could be used for automatic adjustment of clock time during the travel using current GPS coordinates, for example.

Combo tags

  • Name of the time zone could be specified by name=* (Central European Time, Moscow Time, Pacific Time Zone...)
  • For abbreviation code for time zone use ref=*, e.g. ref=AST for Atlantic Standart Time Zone, ref=CET for Central European Time etc.
  • Use utc=* to tag Coordinated Universal Time offset of the time zone in ±hh:mm format, e.g. utc=+01:00 for Central European Time, utc=-07:00 for Mountain Time Zone etc.
  • Use timezone=* to specify which IANA time zone database time zone applies.

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