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Public-images-osm logo.svg diet:meat = yes
Grilled steaks turned by grill tongs near Hostákov, Vladislav, Třebíč District.jpg
This establishment offers a primarily meat-focussed menu
Group: Food and beverages
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While the exact semantics of this tag are unclear (having grown organically), one reasonable definition is that diet:meat=yes strongly implies that the facility tagged with it offers a predominantly meat-focussed menu or caters mostly, if not exclusively, to the more carnivorously inclined customer. That is, the point-of-interest is very much meat-centric. Examples include steak-houses and barbecue restaurants or fast-food joints primarily selling kebab, hotdogs, or currywurst.

At first glance this tag may seem silly next to more well-defined tags such diet:vegetarian=*, but it has some valid uses:

  • It allows users who really love meat to search for amenities that cater to this preference.
  • Similarly, it allows users who would like to avoid a restaurant where the majority of dishes include meat to do so.

Of course, in the latter case searching for diet:vegetarian=only is an option if a restaurant that caters explicitly to vegetarians (or vegans if diet:vegan=* is used) is desired, but for a group of people where some would like a main course with meat and some want vegetarian options that go beyond just one or two entries in the menu, this may be a useful criteria to limit their search results to.

How to tag

Simply add diet:meat=yes. Consider adding diet:vegetarian=* and diet:vegan=* as well.

Possible tagging mistakes

Don't use diet:meat=no to indicate that the food on offer is vegetarian or vegan. Just leave out diet:meat=* and use diet:vegetarian=only or diet:vegan=only.

Place in the diet-namespace

This tag is a bit odd, given that people don't normally restrict their diet to just meat (not if they want to live in good health as well). Whereas diet:vegan=* or diet:gluten_free=* are examples of diet tags that are defined by their avoidance of certain foodstuffs. Still, with over a thousand uses it seems to have some utility.