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The general type and purpose of a given garden. Edit or translate this description.
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The general type and purpose of a given leisure=garden.

  • garden:type=botanical - Botanical gardens are scientifically structured and labelled collections of living plants with the purpose of scientific research, conservation, display or education. See Botanical garden.
  • garden:type=community - Located in parks or other public spaces, community gardens are operated by an informal group of local residents. To some, community gardening is a leisurely social activity. To others, it is a response to concerns about food security. See Community gardening.
  • garden:type=residential - The most common form of garden, located in proximity to a residence, usually private access only. Often with front garden and back garden. The main purpose is usually relaxation activities - it doesn't really matter if it is a plain lawn, or complex garden in French style. See Residential garden.
  • garden:type=roof_garden - A roof garden is a garden on the roof of a building, see Roof garden.

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If the garden has one major aesthetic or functional style, use garden:style=*.