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Public-images-osm logo.svg historic = ship
Aurora Cruiser Museum StPetersburg.JPG
A decommissioned ship/submarine which generally remains in one place Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: historic
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A tag for a decommissioned ship/submarine which generally remains in one place. Often turned into a tourist attraction. This applies to both military and non-military ships.


  • HMS Belfast on the River Thames, London [1]
  • USS Lexington, Corpus Christi (Texas) [2]
  • RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach [3]

How to map

Tag Notes
historic=ship for the node or the outline of the ship
name=* name of the ship
tourism=attraction to mark it as a tourist attraction
building=ship if ship is permanently located in one place

Additonal tags

Tag Notes
operator=* for the operator of the ship
start_date=* for the launch date of the ship
wikipedia=* museum ship often have a wikipedia page which can be tagged here
addr=* if the ship has its own address
ref=* for the hull number of military ships

If the ship has some kind of amenity=* like a bar, restaurant or tourism=* like a hotel or a museum, it can be tagged as a separate node with own name and further information.


ship:type=* can be used to specify the type of a ship.

for example:

military uses


civil uses



For sunken or destroyed ships use historic=wreck.