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A place where doves are farmed or stored. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Buildings
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A  dovecote (also dove cote or columbarium) is a building or part of a building where doves are farmed, live or stored.

They used to be very common on monastery grounds and country estates.

Translations & related terms

  • Dutch: Duiventoren, Duiventil
  • Farsi: کبوترخانه
  • French: Colombier, pigeonnier
  • German: Taubenhaus, Taubenschlag
  • Italian: colombara, torre colombaia
  • Spanish: Palomar
  • Portugese: Pombal
  • Polish: Gołębnik
  • Russian: Голубятня
  • Swedish: duvslag, duvhus
  • Scots: Doocot
  • nds-nl: Deuventille
  • br: Kouldri
  • ca: Colomar
  • cs: Holubník
  • et: Tuvimaja
  • el: Περιστεριώνας
  • eo: Kolomba staleto
  • eu: Usategi
  • gl: Pombal
  • he: שובך


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