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Public-images-osm logo.svg material = epoxy
Particular kind of resins derivative of polymers, used to replace wood or concrete in many molded, laminate or coated industrial appliances
Group: properties
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Status: proposed

 Epoxy is a particular kind of resins obtained after a several chemical reaction with polymers or petrochemical substances.
It is a used as a material for coating or in composite structures, reinforced with fiberglass for instance.

Epoxy easily replaces concrete or wood in many situations. It can be molded, laminated or cast depending on manufacturing processes.

It should be described in OSM as a possible material for many objects, urban furniture or construction material, man_made=utility_pole for instance.
Epoxy isn't the only resin to be used in composite manufacturing. Public documentation, professional knowledge can help you to make a relevant distinction between polyester or vinyl.

Decorative prints

Utility pole epoxy.jpg
Utility pole epoxy detail.jpg

Epoxy resins could be colored or printed in a custom fashion as to ease integration of a particular furniture in a given landscape.
Mappers should double check those prints and be careful of pretty realistic illusion they provides when observed from a distance.

See beside of how wooden this composite utility pole looks like with a distance.
When we get closer, a few hints inform us this isn't a wooden pole at all.
A shiny effect due to coating wouldn't have been visible with an actual wooden pole. It isn't possible nail anything in such a composite pole unless planned during molding, thus many equipment are attached with collars.

Existing scratches could also reveal what is behind coating, which wouldn't occur in case of actual wooden pole obviously.
Scratches are destructive and make composite material more vulnerable to weather, don't make scratches on your own to check that.

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