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A large sub-national political/administrative area. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Places
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place=state - a high-level sub-national political entity ( Federated state) in several large countries such as USA ("State"), Australia ("State"), Mexico ("State"), Canada ("Province").

May also be applicable in other countries and languages, "Provincia", "Estado", "Land" - whether is should be used is up to you and mappers in your own country.

How to map

Add the place=state to the appropriate the area or node and name it using name=<Name of State>. Place the node on a neutral spot (preferably public land), to prevent drawing attention to private properties or their owners.

If mapping as a node, you might also want to add other useful information such as name in other languages, abbreviation, if any, and what the approximate population is population=*.


name:en=Province of Ontario
name:fr=Province de Ontario

See also

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