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Public-images-osm logo.svg restriction = no_right_turn_on_red
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A turn restriction corresponding to 'no right turn on red' signage at intersections Edit or translate this description.
Group: Restrictions
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Status: in use

restriction=no_right_turn_on_red is one of a few tags in use for mapping turn restrictions which indicate drivers are not permitted to turn right at an intersection while a traffic signal displays red.

This tag conforms with the format of other turn restriction relations. Other tags listed at no turn on red were developed due to a common bug in routers treating all restrictions starting with "no" in them, but as of June 2022 this has been fixed in all of them except Brouter.

"Turn on red" rules can be quite variable between regions and jurisdictions, as can the prevalence of intersections where these rules apply. Some local knowledge may be required to interpret signage and intersection features appropriately.

Many jurisdictions have "default" restrictions that may or may not make sense to map. Some editors are critical of the practice of mapping implicit restrictions, but at the time of writing there is no known database or data user capable of representing the nuances of turn restriction laws well enough to fall back to a default behavior.