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Railroad track as rail infrastructure. Not to be confused with route=train Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Routes
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should not be used on nodesshould not be used on waysshould not be used on areasmay be used on relations
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Relations of this type are used to combine connected train tracks between two endpoints that are maintained as a operational unit (e.g. a "subdivision") into a single relation. There is a similar route=railway relation, which is used for larger infrastructure segments potentially stretching over several route=tracks relations. In some countries like e.g. the USA route=tracks relations are not used, only route=railway relations are. For lines describing the travel of trains, usually for passenger services, use the tag route=train.


The ways (railway=rail, railway=disused, railway=abandoned or railway=razed) are collected in a relation with the following tags:

Key Value Comment Example (relation 1820444) Example (relation 1257824)
type route (mandatory) type=route type=route
route tracks (mandatory) route=tracks route=tracks
ref number (mandatory) ref=1732
name Track name Name of the track (recommended, if such a name exists) name=Hannöversche Südbahn name=Highland Main Line
operator company name Operator of the track
(e. g. DB Netz AG in Germany) (required, if known)
operator=DB Netz AG operator=Network Rail
from station name originating station (recommended) from=Hannover Hbf from=Perth
via station name important intermediate stations via=Elze; Kreiensen; Northeim (Han); Göttingen; Hann. Münden
to station name destination station (recommended) to=Kassel Hbf to=Inverness
wikipedia Wikipedia page Wikipedia page about this track (recommended) wikipedia=de:Hannöversche Südbahn wikipedia=en:Highland Main Line

All rails that are part of the track should be members of the relation. In contrast to train routes, the stations, platforms, and other non-track object should not be members. Removed tracks (railway=abandoned or railway=razed), that were once members of the track, should get the role „historic“.

See also

  • route=railway - The route of a railway (e.g. the Channel Tunnel). Not to be confused with the route of a train service (see route=train).