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A shop without its own building Edit or translate this description.
Group: Shops
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A shop which is on the street or on a amenity=marketplace without it's own building. Use the :sales namespace to specify details. It differentiates from a shop=* or amenity=fast_food as it's non-permanent. Also see food_truck.

How to map

Set a node. Tag it with shop=street_vendor. Add a name using name=*.

Tags used in combination

Examples what may be sold, rented or which services offered

Note that it makes impossible to use shop=* in a standard way to specify shop type. It should also not be used for prepared food vendors, because they are not usual mapped with shop=* but with amenity=fast_food or a similar tag.

If that tag is used it require using unusual tagging like *: sales namespace to indicate sold products.

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Proposed rendering

Street vendor symbol.svg

Original size: Street vendor symbol.svg

See also

Information that given shop is a street vendor may be alternatively specified with street_vendor=yes as proposed in Proposed features/street vendor=yes.