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Public-images-osm logo.svg social_facility = nursing_home
A Nursing Home provides permanent care to elderly, ill or disabled people Edit or translate this description.
Group: Social facilities
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Status: de facto

A  nursing home is a facility providing permanent nursing care, 24 hours a day, as well as social and medical services; supporting residents with their elementary  activities of daily living. Residents include elderly or seriously ill people, and such with physical and mental disabilities.

How to tag?

Set a node at the center or draw as an area along the outline of the feature. Add the tags amenity=social_facility + social_facility=nursing_home, and specify the target group with social_facility:for=*, e.g. senior, disabled, mental_health.

Tags to use in combination

Facilities that might fit to that tag

  • Nursing home
  • Care home

Similar Facilities

Alternative tags

1. Note: Between Oct 2010 - Jun 2016, Nursing Homes were subsumed under the value social_facility=group_home, with further tagging the target group. If you know a Nursing Home still tagged Group Home, better fitting the definition above, please migrate the tag to social_facility=nursing_home. Please check each case individually, Automated edits are discouraged.


2. While this page describes the more recent approach of sub-tagging nursing homes as social facilities, an older first-level tag is still found in the database: amenity=nursing_home.