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Public-images-osm logo.svg source = ACT2016
Source of information was the 2016 ACT aerial imagery Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: annotations
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may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)may be used on relations
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Status: de facto

Indicates that the data has been sourced from the 2016 aerial imagery of Canberra which we have received permission to use.

How to use in JOSM

Note that the instructions below requiring you to manually switch projections is no longer required in later versions of JOSM. Just add the source to the list of available imagery and you should be good to go.

Adding ACT2016 to the list of available imagery sources

  1. In the Imagery|Imagery preferences dialog click the "Add a new WMTS entry" button.
  2. Into the "Enter getCapabilites URL" box paste this URL: http://data.actmapi.act.gov.au/arcgis/rest/services/actmapi/imagery2016mga/MapServer/WMTS/1.0.0/WMTSCapabilities.xml
  3. In the "Enter name for this layer" add something meaningful such as "ACT2016 (28355)" and click OK.

Using the ACT2016 imagery

  1. In the Edit|Preferences dialog select the map projections tab on the right.
  2. In the Projection method drop-down select "By Code (EPSG)".
  3. In the list of EPSG codes select EPSG:28355 and click OK.

You can now use the ACT2016 imagery by selecting it from the Imagery menu. To go back to the default projection so you can use other imagery sources (Bing etc.) return to the projection method settings and choose "Mercator" in the Projection method drop-down.

How to see the NSW LPI Imagery while in EPSG:28355

You can't use the NSW LPI Imagery while in EPSG:28355 but you can access the same imagery by adding the 2014 ACT imagery. To do this follow the same method as above but the capability URL is http://data.actmapi.act.gov.au/arcgis/rest/services/actmapi/imagery2014mga/MapServer/WMTS/1.0.0/WMTSCapabilities.xml. Please note that we don't have permission from the ACT to use this data in OSM.

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