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Public-images-osm logo.svg source = NSW LPI Base Map
Source of information was the DCS Spatial Services NSW Base Map Edit or translate this description.
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source=NSW LPI Imagery

Status: de facto

Indicates that the data has been sourced from the DCS Spatial Services NSW Base Map (previously LPI) which we have received permission to use, formalised through the waiver. The Base Map or more formally the Spatial Services Digital Topographic Database is available as a set of rendered map tiles or, for some selected layers, as a REST or WMS service.


A number of imports have been carried out using this source. See this page for details.

Name Space

source=DCS NSW Base Map
source=NSW LPI Base Map
source:geometry=NSW LPI Base Map
source:name=NSW LPI Base Map
source:sport=NSW LPI Base Map
source:position=NSW LPI Base Map

Related Tags

nswlpi:cadid=* has been used to include CadId. CadId is supposed to be a unique identifier of a record for an instance of a feature. However, it appears that CadIds can change about over time.