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Tower for drying fire hoses Show/edit corresponding data item.
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A hose tower is often a very visible part of a fire station. It is / was used mainly for drying pressure fire hoses after use. Earlies, especially with hemp hoses, it was very important. Now, with fire hoses made from artificial fibres, it is not necessary. But drying still prevents to avoid mould growth. Therefore, there are relatively many of historical towers for drying fire hoses which were rebuilt into training towers (tower:type=firefighter_training), for example to train use of the ladders or rescue from high heights.

There are often emergency sirens and antennas mounted on these towers as well. In such case, map the siren or antenna using a node node (e.g. emergency=siren) on the roof top. In that case, it is useful to add the tag location=roof as well.

How to map

Place a node node or draw an area area of the tower outline.
These towers are often built-in parts of fire stations, but there are (often older) free-standing towers.


Mast for drying fire hoses

Some fire brigades do not have a tower for drying fire hoses. They have build a special mast instead to serve for this purpose.
In such case, please place a node node and tag it man_made=mast and tower:type=hose.
Even mast can be used to mount sirens or antennas.

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