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Intake Tower Edit or translate this description.
Group: Man made
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Intake Tower

In Work


The intake tower is free-standing in a drinking water reservoir.
By means of inlets at different heights and pumping devices is removed, the raw water for the further treatment of drinking water here.
About pipes then the raw water reaches the Einlaufbauwerk.
The control device is located above the waterline and is often accessible via a bridge-way.


Set a point node or draw the outline area.
The bridge-way to the mainland is connected with the building.
The height is not specified here, even if it is known. A height in some maps would lead to misrepresentation.
Option. See below.
It may well be the intake towers are connected directly to the dam.
These are then to tag with building:part=yes.

man_made=tower (obligatory)
tower:type=intake (obligatory)
building=yes The tower as building.
location=underwater Describes the installation of the tower on the underwater base.
access=private The tower and the road is private and only for staff.
name=* name of the tower, even loc_name=* locality name
operator=* Operator of the water intake point.
description=* Special
Alternative altitude:
height=8 Estimated height above water level 8m ; together with note=* a note, example "height above water 8m geschätzt, overall height 45m"
thermo_proboscis=yes Thermo-Rüssel zur Entnahme von Wasser verschiedener Temperatur zur Einspeisung im Fluß zur "Fischbereicherung"


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