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Acidic peat producing wetland Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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 Bogs are peat producing wetlands where dead plant material does not decay but accumulates in the form of peat. In contrast to wetland=fen bogs receive all or most of their water locally from rainfall and not from surface or groundwater inflow. As a result they feature a very low nutrient content and an acidic environment. In flat areas the accumulation of peat often creates a raised bog that raises above the surrounding landscape. Another common form of bogs are blanket bogs in hilly landscapes in cold and wet climates.

Due to the low nutrient content bogs feature a specialized and limited plant life dominated by sphagnum mosses.

How to map

Draw the outline area of the area and tag it with natural=wetland + wetland=bog.


Natural wetland bog.png

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