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Ideas for topics

this section has been moved here from 2nd 3D Workshop Garching --Tordanik 00:04, 1 March 2012 (UTC)

  • OSM tagging schemes, tag use matrix, ... -> unite basic tagging scheme and document it
    • How to deal with legacy tagging? What are defaults/fallbacks? Specification of datatypes for values?
    • Ugly model examples?
    • Should we have a mini-mapping party to create a "showcase" area where the tagging is complete and complies with the proposed scheme?
  • New Tags/3d represantiations
    • Interesting but still not widely used objects for 3D represantation (e.g. man_made=pipeline, ...)
    • How to avoid problems with classical 2D renderings
  • cleanup/refactoring 3D related wiki pages, extract general informations and immediately create wiki pages for that
  • Who is working on what tasks?
    • What is redundant and can be outsourced as general service?
    • How can others help?
    • Wishlist, what does others miss in your tool?
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
    • What is needed for
    • What are requirements by our tools/possible contributors?
    • MartinOver :high precision height data with low cost DGPS and GPS Barometers
  • Mapping Tools/Sources for the community to measure/see 3D attributes (BING Birds view, ...)
    • Interpolation and clever estimating parameters
    • height
    • terrain, coastlines
    • landuse and derived objects/3D fillings
  • Applications
    • What are your plans/problems?
    • How can we all support single tools in the 3D OSM Stack?
    • Thinking of future applications and attract external people: 3D arts, 3d object fabbing, VR (as OpenSimulator,
  • Measuring Attributes and Models
    • a good mobile editor for tablets/smartphones with a 3D attribute wizzard?
    • using Bing birdsview?
    • drones, balloons, ....
    • lasers, estimating known objects,...
  • Servers
    • do we need centralized powerfull equipment?
    • asist by Wikipedia foundation?
  • Communication
    • How can we stay in contact, notify others about extended schemas, work as teams on topics,...?