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  • Azavea, Inc. will be able to sponsor snacks and beverages up to $150.
  • MIT is providing the computer classroom and 6 GPS units (Garmin Etrex)

Planning Details

Introduction (12 pm)

  • Lightening talk & then discussion
    • What is OSM/ intro (David Zwarg)
      • stats from OSM
      • open data licensing
      • include interesting examples from OSM - compare Karachi, Beijing, Haiti with Google Earth; hiking trails
    • getting acquainted with GPS
    • different technologies?
      • different GPS devices and apps for phones/ipad?

Mapping Begins (1 pm)

  • Two teams of Third Street Mapping Expedition
    • GPS (questions about using GPS units to be handled within walking groups)
    • It is good to have more than one type of GPS unit so data accuracy can be compared later and people can share feedback about different types of devices
    • Phone Apps can also be used for collecting geodata
    • Walking Papers - a free site that enables easy generation of a pdf or printing of a map. paper maps can also be used for keeping notes about updates to make in OSM
    • returning groups use GPS babel? DNR Garmin? to capture data from GPS unit to computer
  • one team will stay in computer room and learn to digitize from satellite imagery
    • digitizing will focus on area north of lechmere and towards water where new parks, businesses, and condos have been going up

Technical Talk - 3pm (Lars)

  • ways to input data into OSM
    • basics of uploading new data
    • advanced options for uploading and editing data
    • how to pull in a WMS
    • how to add things like pedestrian and bike paths without removing existing streets in an area
    • recommendations from an experienced OSM editor
    • list of future project ideas for mapping in the area

Recommendations for more learning

  • tutorials from richard wade for real beginners; on his website

Ask those planning to attend if they plan to bring

  • GPS (with cable for computer connection)
  • laptop
  • camera
  • other?

check for funding /support from

  • Map quest
  • cloud made
  • MAPC (Christian)
    • EPA


  • increase awareness of GPS, geodata, open data, OSM
  • map data
  • use data
  • improve OSM


  • various MIT community groups and departments
  • teachers
  • advocacy groups

Future mapping ideas

  • pedestrian/biking infrustructure (MAPC)
  • Maintance of data created by groups like MAPC, EPA, etc
  • Fellsway - Mapping hike
  • width of sidewalks
  • bike rack locations
  • squares around cambridge
  • Jamaica Way
  • walking paths where freeway existed before big dig
  • hydro layer from massgis - all water protection taged as reservoirs/ hydro
  • missing rivers and brooks
  • ask mapping party for additional ideas
  • add public transportation stops and relationships between them to enable routing between nodes (see german locations for example)