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User:LastGrape, 3rd December

What about OpenStreetMapping bus routes and stops? I visited Bristol for a weekend recently and it would of been very helpful to know: geographic bus routes including all stops not just main ones; where exactly they stop. This is not available from any website and not even from contacting First directly. Day travel ticket for all of Bristol is £3.50 and available on board the bus.

I may consider going from London for the weekend event, I liked Bristol and may be applying to the uni there in a few weeks. (coach only about £4 return) I should learn how to map my new GPS reciever logs and get them on OpenStreetMap.

User:DanBri, 25 January

As a longtime well-wisher towards OpenStreetMap, ... I'd love to help, when you come to town. But I'm a bit vague on what exactly is done, and how to prepare for it. I have a GPS and laptop and knowledge of some of the city. Anything I should be reading up on etc? What exactly happens? :)

Busses in Bristol

When riding the busses in Bristol there is one caveat: Busses in the northern end of the city may be operated by South Gloucestershire Bus company and they don't accept First's "day rider" tickets. And, of course, vice-versa. Off the top of my head I can't think of a good bus map for Bristol, but the Traveline web service is usually pretty good for timetables. --Matt 18:44, 19 January 2007 (UTC)

Pubs and other places for food and booze

Good places are:

  • Boston Tea Party, Park St: v good food till 10pm (all of Park St has free wi-fi) (51.455266, -2.604000)
  • Hope & Anchor, Jacobs Wells Road (51.453454, -2.609847)
  • Blue Juice, Cotham Hill (Sat only) (51.463618, -2.607714)
  • Deco Lounge, Cotham Hill (51.463434, -2.607238)
  • St Werburghs City Farm Cafe, Watercress Road (51.474285, -2.578274)
  • Avon Gorge Hotel / White Lion: stunning view but crummy service (51.453313, -2.625116)
  • Primrose Cafe, Boyce's Ave: excellent food (51.455310, -2.618214)
  • St Nicholas Market has several interesting places to eat (Moroccan, olives, bangers) (51.454365, -2.593441)
  • The Watershed itself (51.451819, -2.598042)
  • Eldon House, Clifton Hill: ace food till 9.30pm (51.454801, -2.610449)
  • The Mall, The Mall (51.456422, -2.621611)
  • Gloucester Road/Cheltenham Road has tons of good places to eat...

Good places for getting drunk in an uncivilized way:

  • The Coronation Tap (51.455248, -2.622673)
  • The Bunch of Grapes (51.452931, -2.598958)
  • The Hatchet (51.453925, -2.600382)
  • The Star & Garter: local minder recommended (51.467049, -2.582749)

Good places for getting drunk in a civilized way:

  • The Eldon House (51.454801, -2.610449)
  • The Hope & Anchor (51.453454, -2.609847)
  • The Adam & Eve (51.450997, -2.621094)
  • The Lion (51.450466, -2.613053)

Good place for getting drunk in a cool/trendy way:

Cycle routes

If someone were to map National Cycle Route 4 west out of Bristol, that'd be wonderful. We tried to cycle it a few weeks ago and got hopelessly lost. The signs appear to give out about 50 yards from the cathedral (so about 75 yards from Sustrans' head office)... --Richard 19:27, 11 February 2007 (UTC)