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Curious as to the areas mentioned as needing a lot of work! Trinity, Granton and Silverknowes are pretty well completely mapped and streets named.

Newhaven and Leith along with West Pilton, Drylaw and Muirhouse (these latter being ideal places to invite visitors to) all need a lot of work but then so do Corstorphine, Craigleith Murrayfield, Carricknowe and Slateford where very few street names are entered. For that matter the lower New Town is a bit short too.

The idea is to take the very city centre and make sure that it is completely mapped. That way we will be able to say that it is completely done in terms of streets and their road names and classifications. Not all of it needs real mapping, some of just needs some QA (Quality Assurance).
In some parts of the area for this mapping party, there is a lot of work in terms of real mapping. In others it is just a case of checking the location and topology of the streets on the ground and adding the street names/road classification. In other areas, it is simply a case of checking all the streets are in the correct location and are named appropriately. This final case is basically a test of whether the map that we are producing is up to standard and most importantly has the correct information on it.
Finally if you do come along and don't want to work in the earmarked area, you can go and do whichever other part of the city that you desire. We're just trying to set a reasonable target for the map. In the future we will take another part of the city and run the same process of some checking and some mapping. The next mapping party will probably work on the area to the North of the area earmarked for the August mapping party. Smsm1 23:57, 31 July 2007 (BST)