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Vespucci is already being improved. --MarcusWolschon 21:23, 2 March 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for the warning - if a student sounds keen on this we will put them in touch with you to see what is happening with Vespucci before they decide that is what they are going to do. Grahamjones 21:11, 3 March 2010 (UTC)

Wishes for a OSM routing application

Many countries are divided into routing regions because of main highways passing large bodies of water. Island nations such as the Philipines, Indonesia, Japan, many coastal nations, and a few countries with large lakes and rivers have ferries and other boat services as only option to tie together various regions. Therefor allowing routing software to calculate routes including segments of boat transport should be a priority for OSM. If the current data structure of OSM is not suitable for such routing, than the missing elements must be highlighted so that it can be added into the dataset. I know that an accurate travel time can be difficult with such ferries, but it will allow for routing in such regions, should give a passage time, and flag the ferry terminals in a way where the user are allowed to get travel time for each land segment, and for each segment in boat. If possible also identify where information about time tables can be obtained (such as deducting information from operator tags to link web sites, etc). --Skippern 02:51, 10 March 2010 (UTC)

Duplicate anchor names in this page

Calling lots of sections "OSM Comments" doesn't work very well in the Wiki (neither in the provided edit comments, nor when linking). Better names, please? --tms13 14:05, 19 March 2010 (UTC)

Thank you for your suggestion, but I do not really know what you mean. The idea of the structure is that each idea has the same set of sub headings so that they all look the same - that is why there is repetition. What do you suggest? Grahamjones 14:53, 19 March 2010 (UTC)