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I'm Toby; I live in south-west Ross-shire and work Monday-Friday in Fife. I spend most of my leisure time in the hills - usually caving or walking in the north-west Highlands or the Yorkshire Dales - and often break the journey with some mapping on the way. As I'm also a kayaker, I'm interested in improving my local coastlines and marine features, and I'm keeping an eye on OpenSeaMap.

I normally edit using Merkaartor and make Garmin maps using mkgmap. I have OS OpenData Contours on Garmin, as well as survey, routing and Geograph layers.

I'm a keen photographer and I acquired my GPS at least in part for contributing to the Geograph project (also for recording walk logs and locating cave entrances), but I'm in danger of being sidetracked by cartography...

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