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Garmin Nuvi Track Hack

The information in the Garmin Nuvi Track Hack is wrong in some points and outdated in general. The italian translation of this page has it right, I have not the skill and (above all) the time to translate that in good english. Could someone fix this page? --Gwilbor 09:49, 1 March 2010 (UTC)

nüvi 3790T - will it work?

Does anyone know whether the new nüvi 3790T will work with the OSM maps? --Silanea 16:54, 15 June 2010 (UTC)

Any overall guidance?

As much as I read the GPS pages and dig down into more detail, I still find it hard to locate any overall advice or guidance. I was hoping that by the time I got to this page, I would find some general statement or statements that would help me better understand the devices out there, especially on sites like Craigslist. Some example statements that would be helpful may include, "the 12xx series works fine out of the box", "you need to externally process the track logs from the 2x0 series, but not the 2x5 series". How about a list of models that suitable for different use cases? "If you just want the cheapest device that effectively gets free map updates, consider the xxxx series", or "If you occasionally like to run the device on battery power so you can add new trails in a park or forest, consider this one", or "if you like to bike around and add new POIs, consider this one". Basically, how do you grade the devices for various users and use cases? From non-technical users who do not contribute traces to fairly technical users who contribute the occasional bike trail or new road in a new housing development to hardcore technical users.

As for me, I am a relative newcomer to OSM (although I did help out mapping Haiti), I've been a technical IT consultant for 20 years with deep technical experience in Linux and to a lesser extent, Windows. When I look at my local CL, I see a 1200, a few 265Ws, a couple 255ws, a 1450T, a 260w, a 1350, a 650, a 350, a 200 and so on, and I literally have no idea which one I should be considering. The w series? The T series? I just want a device to stick in my wife's car that does routing to the street address level and gets free lifetime map updates. I also want to easily add new roads in housing developments as they go up, and go portable to add walking or bike trails in our local parks. I also want to take it out of the country when I travel for work. Which one should I consider? Thanks! Easternpa

nüvi 57LM

The method for adding maps to the nüvi 55 seems to work for my nüvi 57LM too. Searches only turn up landmarks and public transport stops, not road addresses.

"Routing does not work" and the like

Could we please remove or mark "Disadvantages" or "Problem" without Software versions (Nüvi and mkgmap/date)? I think a lot of those issues are very old and might already be fixed. So i would like to propose to remove them.

Flohoff (talk) 10:19, 20 March 2018 (UTC)