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I've added news section in a hope to encourage users to participate more. I guess by adding entries to this section(and only keeping last 4-5 one) we can somehow see what others are doing and get little warmer! anyway if anyone thinks it is not appropriate, we can delete it!User:Roozbehid

Reference numbers for بزرگراه and آزادراه with dual carriageway

Introduction: Street signs for freeways and expressways in Iran contain a cardinal direction note. For example the persian gulf highway آزادراه 7 says "7N" for the northbound carriageway to Tehran and "7S" for the southbound carriageway heading to Zarrinshahr. Some mappers have started to tag both ways accordingly with "ref=7N" or "ref=7S".

From my perspective both ways in OSM should have the same "ref=7" because that's the way the whole road is called. But on the other hand it would make sense for routing to have the same name as on the signage. Although I think that added "N" or "S" is just a little help for the driver. And this would get even worse if we add the correct farsi reference "ref="۲ غرب" which would be a rather long reference label.

What's your opinion about that? Would be great if we could find a consensus and add it to the wiki here.

Map sources for Iran-Iraq border

Adding the new railway from Khorramshar to Shalamcheh border with Iraq I could see that the borders from WFB are not very exact, with 50-100 m of errors. There is a much better source for the Iran-Iraq border in the original documents of the 1975 Algier treaty (UN Registration Number I-14903). With the help of bing satellite images it is clearly possible to recognize the territorial signs in order to fix the border line according to the map. I started remapping the border near Shalamcheh, adding as source UN treaty Nr. I-14903. The Iran-Iraq border is some 1,458 km long so a lot of work remains to be done. The whole set of maps can be found at UN Treaties, look for Map Details at the end of the page. --Badgir (talk) 22:25, 31 January 2013 (UTC)