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Local Primary/Secondary/Tertiary

Might be worth adding the following from Wikipedia: "The local primary roads are numbered from L1000 - L4999. Local secondary roads are numbered from L5000 - L8999. Local tertiary roads are numbered from L10001 - L89999, with the first four digits representing the local primary or secondary road to which it is connected."

There are a lot of roads in OSM over L5xxx but marked as tertiary currently. Personally I would be in favour of naming tertiary roads as Lxxx-1. - dafo43

Northern Ireland road grades

I have raised the following note with respect to Belfast: and have been advised that highways are being (apparently) implemented across Ireland North and South, and that any road above tertiary level is tagged according to it's road grade (A/B/C).

I have absolutely no difficulty with that and think it's good that we look towards an all-Island focus (I'm not going to get political!), but it does present some issues in that as a result we have can have narrow single lane carriageways in the city centre that are rendered in the same way as near-to-motorway quality separated dual carriageways.

I think the simplest solution would be implementing more 'primary' rather than 'trunk' roads in Belfast and other NI towns, though as I can see that these aren't much in use in the Republic I wouldn't want to create difficulties there?