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So a Burger King franchise should be tagged with brand=Burger King, and operator=<blank> or the name of the owner?

Distinguishing "Brand" from "Name"

Periodically there is discussion about the distinction between "Brand" and "Name".

As a suggestion: prefer "Brand" to identify the brand of goods which are sold, and "Name" as the name of the outlet.

In the case of fast food chains, these would normally be the same value. Both can be added, but "Name" is generally considered the more useful for data users: "name=Burger King", and optionally "brand=Burger King"

In the case of outlets selling a wide variety of different brands there is no value in listing all the different brands stocked: "name=Ambridge Village Shop"

It is most useful to add brand in the case of outlets that specialise in a limited number of brands. Examples might include motor dealerships: "name=Trotter Motors", "brand=Rolls Royce"

This is consistent with the current description, and the examples given, except for the introductory paragraph, which would read "Brand is used to describe the main brand of goods sold in a particular outlet".

--Peter Reed (talk) 16:29, 30 May 2013 (UTC)