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We need uic_name

uic_name is the corresponding name to uic_ref for railway-stations. uic_name is writen in the spezial way of external finding machines respectively lists.

ref_name , ref:IBNR or VRS:ref ... are usefull for lokal systems , as ref_name via openptmap for HAFAS.

ref_name is usefull for every stop/halt/station which is not a railway-station.

By the way IBNR in ref:IBNR is used in a wrong way because IBNR is the german translation for international railway number. Members of the IBNR-lists are the 7-digit international railway number and also the 6-digits lokal numbers. The tag ref:IBNR is only used for the 6-digits lokal numbers.

The openptmap use public_transport in his name (pt) and in routes but not for stopping points. I found by testing: Till 2014 this map refers only highway=bus_stop, railway=tram_stop and railway=station and not public_transport=stop_position\platform\stop_area. openptmap use uic_ref international-railway-number 7-digits (and 6-digits from lokal-system, which is not a international-railway-number) openptmap use ref_name for both international-railway-number and lokal-system openptmap use name if there is no uic_ref and no ref_name. But we do not map for renderer.

Netzwolf shows a better way in

My opinion:

  • uic_name is necessary to know a station-name in Cyrillic or Arabian language area.
  • We should use it also in Western Europe.
  • uic_name is only for international-railway-numbers (with 7-digits uic-ref).

--Axelr (talk) 12:11, 20 January 2015 (UTC)