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Discuss Labels page here:


Some of the keywords in the article should either be altered or deleted as it might confuse users: the Map Features page states elevation instead of elevated as the rendering key for display-order of segments, aswell as the whole class=keyword system which has been revised by keyword=yes, to allow multiple types. --blk 20:02, 22 Jul 2006 (BST)

Yes. Isn't this whole page talking about the same thing as Map Features? I think it should be deleted/merged into that page because everyone's looking at Map Features at the moment. That's the definitive list. I think nobody refers to it as Labels any more. ...unless I'm misunderstanding. Obviously we would seek to preserve any useful info there is here, and the discussion above could be moved to Talk:Map Features -- Harry Wood 15:48, 19 May 2007 (BST)
The Labels page now redirects to Map Features. Well done Thomas, I think that was the best course of action. All the previous contents are accessible only in the page history, but it was all hopelessly out of date anyway.
I addition I have just blown away the old discussions on this page related to Lables. These were equally out of date.
--Harry Wood 10:39, 17 January 2008 (UTC)