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Fitting with other wiki pages

Currently this page is an orphan. Need to decide where and how it fits in with some existing wiki pages. In particular we already have a page called Databases and data access APIs. How does this fit with that page? need to reconcile that. Perhaps the "Database schemas" section of that page could be removed, and instead refer readers to here for example. -- Harry Wood 12:15, 22 November 2011 (UTC)

I think, it is even worse. There are a couple of interesting aspects and a couple of pages, almost all covering almost all subjects. This includes the pages Downloading data, Databases and data access APIs and this one and maybe more. The subjects, from my point of view, are
1. How to obtain OSM geodata?
2. What public accessible API services on OSM data exist?
3. What file formats exist, including database formats? What are their particular design goals, strenghtes and limitations?
4. Which format is served by which service?
5. How to convert between different files formats? Which tools exist?
6. What kind of filters exist and on what file formats do they operate?
Downloading data addresses question 1. Databases and data access APIs addresses question 2, but also in its database part question 3. OSM_file_formats and this page also address question 3, so probably all three should be either merged or closely tied together. People might also search answers for question 3 on API_v0.6, possibly drawing wrong conclusions. Questions 4, 5, and 6 are not addressed at all in the wiki, at least not as an overview.
The best solution would be a diagram giving an overview about possible data flows in common use cases, including e.g. making a slippy map, making an OpenLayer layer, do routing or doing advanced data analysis. But this is really a lot of work. -- Roland 05:43, 23 November 2011 (UTC)