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--Govanus (talk) 21:48, 28 October 2014 (UTC)Re: Manoeuvring forecourt I did consider that but the wiki seems to want to keep that specific tag for open carparks. I also wondered if people would confuse it for road for parking along wich leagaly it isn't and veichals can often be towed without much taceing of the owner first. I also lookeed a turning circles and turning heads but they didn't really fit well with this kind of roadspace I also thought about calling a yard of some kind as it is more plzaish than a road but a straight yard would imply you could put stuff incleding vehicals anywhere but this kind of space is genrally kept clear like a turning head to alow for the monuvers.

So after concluding that this feature was a custom blend of just about all of the above whilst not specificly being any of them I gave it the new tag.

On 2014-10-23 16:37:14 UTC jgpacker wrote:

> Hi, > > I saw you documented in the wiki the tag [`highway=manoeuvring_forecourt`]( that you are using. > > It seems to me that this can already be represented using something like [`area:highway=service`]( + [`service=parking_aisle`]( > > It's great to document the tags you are using, but it's best to first look for possible alternatives, using taginfo, the wiki, or asking help on or #osm irc channel. > > Cheers, > John