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Discussion and initial organization for Membership Services Working Group

This is a really rough draft and much is To Be Determined. Improve these lists! Indicate your interest in participating.

Organizational Chart

  • Membership Services Working Group reports to the Board / Management Team
  • Membership Services relies upon Operations Working Group for Ops
  • Membership Services Working Group co-operates with Communication Working Group

Initial WG responsibilites

  • Automate membership administration and reporting.

Potential WG responsibilities

  • Expand services provided to members, (job board, newsletter, business cards, membership branded premiums...)
  • Grow membership through the following:
    • Create community mentoring program (established communities aid those starting out with guidance and advice)
    • Identify gaps in global community coverage and provide high-level support to address those gaps.
    • Create a "how to" guide for different levels of membership and community engagement e.g. Mapping party right to establishing national body
    • For smaller, less technically-abled, provide resources such as website templates
    • Compile a list of contacts who can and are willing to assist communities to develop on a technical level e.g. What's involved in setting up a map server,

Expected and possible WG personnel

  • Organizer(s) - set meeting times / dates, record and publish minutes, keep and remind TODO lists
  • Web Folk(s) - configure membership admin software, themeing, logos, layout
  • Communication Folk(s) - draft and publish outbound communication.
  • Community Folk(s) -

Expected meeting frequency

  • frequently, initially. Configuration, testing and roll-out of the automated system
  • once established, regular meetings to push forward our agenda of expanding membership and offering additional services

Admin software Use cases

What typical use cases should the membership admin software allow?

  • allow member to request password reset link
  • allow member to update contact information
  • allow member to change membership from/to Associate Membership

Willing to participate

Add yourself to the list if you would like to participate in the Working Group. You should be an OpenStreetMap Foundation member for most positions on this Working Group.

  • Richard Weait - cheerleading team, initial team organization,
  • Serge Wroclawski - communications, possibly code
  • Frederik Ramm - current OSMF treasurer, to help with anything that touches on financials, PayPal integration etc
  • Jonathan Bennett - Implementation of CiviCRM-based system (partially complete) and communications.
  • Simon Poole - transifex support for any required UI translations
  • Dave Corley - Organisation, communication, management (personal skills base - project management, problem solving etc)
  • Ilya Zverev - just along for the ride
  • Your Name Here - Tasks that interest you.

Our first order of business is to brainstorm the possible responsibilities for the group, then come up with a working defintion of our remit to submit to the OSMF Board for their approval/suggestions. Discussion will take place on the new mailing list - details can be found here