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Hot logo.svg DaCor volunteers at Humanitarian OSM Team.
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Joined OpenStreetMap in Jan 2012 and never looked back.

Most of my mapping has been isolated to the City & County of Galway. This will change as Galway nears completion towards a usable map with all major items recorded, to extend out to other areas in Ireland.


Ireland Country Profile - OpenCage Data Blog Personal Profile - OpenStreetMap Belgium

#MapLesotho Project

I am a member of the MapLesotho team

Organisation of Mapping Parties

  • 23rd March 2013 - Tracing of buildings in Galway City, west of the River Corrib
    • Over a dozen people from around the world, including several from Ireland, participated in a MapCraft job to trace every building not already traced. This was anticipated to take over a week to complete, it was completed within 39 hours.
    • MapCraft job can be found here
    • A video was created by Derick Rethans showing the activity. It can be viewed here

Humanitarian Openstreetmap (HOT)

As of Feb 2013 I have started assisting with HOT activation's. Below will be a running tally of where I have assisted, feel free to take part using the HOT Task Manager:


  • Kerena - Buildings & water features added to assist with ground surveys
  • Mopti- Buildings for UN OCHA


Central African Republic

  • Bangui - Mapping roads and buildings

South Sudan


  • Galway City - On the ground mapping & Bing tracing
  • Galway County - On the ground mapping & Bing tracing
  • Everywhere else - Bing tracing


A collection of links that I use regularly or just want to be able to find in a pinch!


Stats of every kind


  • Galway - Wiki section tracking progress of the mapping of Galway City


Quality Control


Mapping Party

  • Walking Papers
  • Mapcraft
  • GPS Track Visualisation

Beginners Materials a.k.a OSM Basics

  • Learn OSM
  • Videos

OSM Visualisation

Other Video Links not Captured Above

Quirky Map Stuff