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Ireland, Europe

latitude: 53.491, longitude: -8.344
Browse map of Ireland 53°29′27.60″ N, 8°20′38.40″ W
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Ireland is a country in Europe at latitude 53°29′27.60″ North, longitude 8°20′38.40″ West.
Flag of Ireland Ireland Mapping Project,
the home of Ireland on the OpenStreetMap wiki.
Hello! Welcome to the project for mapping efforts in Ireland!
You can find here national events, ongoing projects, map status and mapping guidelines, as well as links to other pages directly related to the mapping of Ireland.
You may also find a list of contacts and mappers involved with the OpenStreetMap community in Ireland.

This page contains information relating to mapping activity that is specific to Ireland. There is another wiki page for Northern Ireland.


Feel free to use any of the following methods to contact any of the Irish mappers.

See also: Category:Users in Ireland

Website Visit us at
Mailing list Sign up for the mailing list talk-ie@openstreetmap here
IRC #osm-ie on to connect via your web browser, or
#osm-ie on if using an IRC client.
Forum Ireland sub-forum in the OpenStreetMap Forums
Twitter Twitter user@osm_ie
Facebook Facebook group OpenStreetMap Ireland
Telegram OpenStreetMap Ireland


See Ireland/Events


There are a number of additional wiki pages for Ireland. These are used primarily for tracking progress of mapping certain features however a number also contain tagging guidance or advice on methods used. The list below outlines each of these pages.

List of suggested projects

There is also a list of suggested projects/tasks contained on the Community Todo List.


Since November 2019 the Irish OSM community decided to the complete the map of Ireland using the themes of buildings. The buildings are estimated to number abround 5.5 million on the whole island, and at the starting point there were under 900,000 done. There is a tasking manager [1] which has the island broken into 40 parts, counties and cities for mappers to add the buildings.

To avoid tagging building=yes, here are some useful tips on how to decide what a building could be, judging from satellite view:

tag Explanation Picture example(s)
building=house Chimneys are visible.
building=garage A service=driveway leads to this small to medium sized building, depending on the angle you can see a wide door, no chimney, a car or boat might be parked outside.
building=shed Often not accessible by car (as opposed to building=garage) at the far end of a terrace plot or on a lawn.
building=farm_auxiliary Usually found away from the road as part of a farmyard or isolated buildings with rounded and/or flat roof (e.g. building=barn for hay barns).
hay barn with rounded and flat roof
building=hotel Mostly deducted by its name=*. Map the grounds of the hotel with tourism=hotel
building=apartments Tall residential building with only one main entrance for several apartments. May also have retail outlets on the ground floor.

Putting Clonmel's History on the Map

This was our Heritage Week 2020 project and part of the osmIRL_buildings project, but went into much deeper detail. It used the tasking manager [2] for mapping the buildings.


Counties or cities in Ireland : Carlow · Cavan · Clare · Cork · Donegal · Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown · Fingal · Galway · Kerry · Kildare · Kilkenny · Laois · Leitrim · Limerick · Longford · Louth · Mayo · Meath · Monaghan · Offaly · Roscommon · Sligo · South Dublin · Tipperary · Waterford · Westmeath · Wexford · Wicklow Cities and counties: Cork · Dublin · Galway Former counties: Dublin Region · North Tipperary · South Tipperary Former counties in Northern Ireland: Antrim · Armagh · Down · Fermanagh · Londonderry · Tyrone Other cities: Kilkenny · Limerick · Waterford Other cities in Northern Ireland: Belfast · Londonderry (or Derry)




Irish websites and institutions using OpenStreetMap


As always, please respect the copyright of these sites!


OSM RSS feeds for Ireland

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Road-related resources

Other mapping/GIS-related resources