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General groups

Groups possibly focusing on some topics of global (non-regional) interest.

Group Interest Group Name Description / websites
Telegram @OpenStreetMapOrg OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap Non-official, unauthorized OpenStreetMap supergroup on Telegram for discussions related to OpenStreetMap
Telegram @OpenStreetMapOffTopic OpenStreetMap Off Topic OpenStreetMap Off Topic Off Topic group for the OSM community to chat about anything not really related to OSM.
Telegram @OpenStreetMapDev OpenStreetMap Dev OpenStreetMap Dev Group for developers and development of anything OpenStreetMap related.
Telegram @osmvegan Veganism OSM Vegan Telegram public supergroup for mapping vegan and vegetarian stores around the world, as well as another issues related to this subject. Bridged to Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix.
Telegram @OSM_cultural-spheres Cultural spheres OSM Cultural Spheres Group This group is for discussing and considering cultural similarities and differences in contributing to OSM maps and wiki.(And for OSM contributors with limited English proficiency) Welcome to use your native language.[1] Bridged to Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix.
OSM Community-Building OSM-community-building Local Chapters & Communities Working Group public chat For people belonging to Local Chapters, or interested in establishing a Local Chapter. Bridged to IRC and Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix. osmf:Local Chapters and Communities Working Group

Groups for certain applications or services

Such as web applications, certain mapping providers etc.

Group Interest Group Name Description / websites
Telegram @hotosm Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team HOT OSM Twitter user@hotosm
Telegram @OrganicMapsApp Organic Maps app channel Organic Maps News
Telegram @OrganicMaps Organic Maps app, English chat Organic Maps Community #EN
Telegram @OrganicMapsRu Organic Maps app, Russian chat Organic Maps Community #RU
Telegram @OrganicMapsTR Organic Maps app, Turkish chat Organic Maps Türkçe
Telegram @OrganicMapsIR Organic Maps app, Persian chat Organic Maps Persian فارسی
Telegram @OsmAndMaps OsmAnd app, English channel OsmAnd Community #EN
Telegram @frosmand OsmAnd app, French channel OsmAnd #FR
Telegram @deosmand OsmAnd app, German channel OsmAnd #DE
Telegram @itosmand OsmAnd app, Italian channel OsmAnd #It
Telegram @uaosmand OsmAnd app, Ukrainian channel OsmAnd #UA
Telegram @osmand_es OsmAnd app, Spanish channel OsmAnd #ES
Telegram @brosmand OsmAnd app, Portuguese channel OsmAnd #BR
Telegram @osmand_pl OsmAnd app, Polish channel OsmAnd PL
Telegram @ruosmand OsmAnd app, Russian channel OsmAnd Public Chat #RU

Local community chats by continent / country


Group Country / Region City Group name Description / Websites
Telegram @osm_ac Central America OSM Centroamérica
Telegram @OSMLatam Latin America OSM Latam Group of Latin America community.

Map overview on umap. This chat is bridged to Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix.

Telegram @WikiOSMLatam Latin America OSM Latam: Wiki This group discusses the structure of the latam pages, and advises about the structure of the local communities.
Telegram @OSMTradEsp Latin America OSM Latam: Traducción This group coordinates the translation of Latam wiki pages, that are initially written in Spanish and then written in English and Portuguese (other languages in the area are welcomed.)
Telegram @OsmLatamJuntas Latin America OSM Latam: Organización de juntas The bimonthly latam meetings are coordinated from this group.
Telegram @osm_notes_latam Latin America OSM Latam: Resolución de notas In this group, all note resolver mappers from Latam are in. They discuss about notes, the resolution process and they coordinate the Notathon events, where they work together in specific areas or topics.
Telegram @osm_ar Argentina OSM Argentina Main Argentina group.
Telegram @osm_mis_ar Argentina Misiones OSM Misiones Argentina Misiones province subgroup.
Telegram @osm_bz Belize OSM Belize Main Belize group.
Telegram @osmbolivia Bolivia OsmBolivia Main Bolivia group.
Telegram @OSMBrasil_Comunidade Brazil OSM Brasil - Comunidade
Telegram @OSMBrasil_Suporte Brazil OSM Brasil - Suporte
Telegram @OSMBrasil_Avancado Brazil OSM Brasil - Avançado
Telegram @OSMBrasil_Wiki Brazil OSM Brasil - Wiki
Telegram @osmBSB Brazil Brasília OSM Brasília
Telegram @osmBA Brazil Bahia OSM-BA
Telegram @osmce Brazil Ceará OSM Ceará
Telegram @OSMBrasil_ES Brazil Espírito Santo OSMBrasil - ES
Telegram @osmMG Brazil Minas Gerais OSM-MG
Telegram @osmne Brazil Nordeste OSM Nordeste
Telegram @osmPA Brazil Pará OpenStreetMap Pará
Telegram @osm_pernambuco Brazil Pernambuco OpenStreetMap Pernambuco
Telegram @osmRJ Brazil Rio de Janeiro OpenStreetMap - Rio de Janeiro
Telegram @osmRS Brazil Rio Grande do Sul OpenStreetMap Rio Grande do Sul
Telegram @osm_sm Brazil Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul OSM Santa Maria
Telegram @osmsc Brazil Santa Catarina OSMBrasil_SC
Telegram @osmsp Brazil São Paulo OSM São Paulo
Telegram @osm_se Brazil Sergipe OpenStreetMap Sergipe
Telegram @MapillaryBrasil Brazil Mapillary Brasil
Telegram @mapatonaestradareal Brazil Mapatona Estrada Real
Telegram @osm_classificacao_vias Brazil Classificação de Vias
Telegram @TraduzaOSM Brazil Traduza OSM pt-BR
Telegram @osmca Canada OSM Canada
Telegram @OSMcl Chile Comunidad OpenStreetMap en Chile
Telegram @osmco Colombia Comunidad OSM Colombia
Telegram @OSMCostaRica Costa Rica Comunidad OSM Costa Rica
Telegram @OSM_Cuba Cuba Comunidad de OSM para Cuba
Telegram @MappingEcuador Ecuador MappingEcuador Facebook user OpenStreetMap.Ecuador
Telegram @openstreetmapGT Guatemala Comuninad de Guatemala
Telegram @osm_mx Mexico OpenStreetMap México
Telegram @MapaNica Nicaragua MapaNica This room is bridged to Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix.
Telegram @osm_py Paraguay OSM Paraguay
Telegram @Comunidad_OSM_Panama Panama OSM Panamá
(hidden) Panama OSM Panamá Private group. Apply contacting Carlos Eduardo Rodríguez. You might be asked to leave and cut off relations with the above Telegram @Comunidad_OSM_Panama.
Telegram @osmPe Peru Comunidad OSM Perú
Telegram @OSMve Venezuela Comunidad OSM Venezuela


Group Country / Region City Group name Description / Websites
Telegram @OSMAfrica Africa OSM Africa OpenStreetMap Africa. Bridged to Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix and Slack.
Telegram @osmethiopia Ethiopia Addis Ababa OpenStreetMap Ethiopia OpenStreetMap Ethiopia
Telegram @OSMGhana Ghana OSM Ghana OpenStreetMap Ghana
Telegram @osmsouthsudan South Sudan OSM South Sudan


Group Country / Region City Group name Description / Websites
Telegram @OpenStreetMapAsia Asia OpenStreetMap@Asia Un-official, casual community of OpenStreetMap contributors, and friends, in Asia. Bridge:Telegram-Matrix
Telegram @OSM_cultural/22 East-Southeast-South Asia OSM ESeS Asia OpenStreetMap East-Southeast-South Asia topic room
Telegram @osm_armenia Armenia OSM Armenia
Telegram @OpenStreetMapBD Bangladesh OpenStreetMap Bangladesh
Telegram @osmchina China OSM中国 Please use Chinese or English.
Telegram @osm_ge Georgia OpenStreetMap Georgia
Telegram @OpenStreetMap Iran OpenStreetMap Iran WebSite: Forum:
Telegram @OSMIndia India OpenStreetMap India Bridged to Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix
Telegram @osmkerala India Kerala OSM Kerala Bridged to Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix
Telegram @OSM_BLR India Bengaluru OpenStreetMap Bengaluru Bridged to Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix
Telegram @osmindonesia Indonesia OpenStreetMap Indonesia
Telegram @OSM_Iraq Iraq OpenStreetMap Iraq Twitter user@OSM_Iraq
Telegram @OSM_Israel Israel OSM_Israel
Telegram @osm_kz Kazakhstan OSM_KZ
Telegram @osmKorea South Korea
North Korea
OpenStreetMap 한국/조선(Korea) Bridged to Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix, Facebook group osmkorea
Telegram @OSMph Philippines OpenStreetMap LoCo in the Philippines OpenStreetMap Philippines, Facebook user osmPH
Telegram @OSMSaudi Saudi Arabia OSM Saudi Group for OSM community in Saudi Arabia, it's for sharing ideas and doing collaborative work in the region.
Telegram @osm_singapore Singapore OSM Singapore A recently created chat. Jump in to stay in touch.
Telegram @OSMTaiwan Taiwan (Rep. of China) OpenStreetMap Taiwan Facebook user OpenStreetMap.TW
Telegram @osm_tr - note that it requires paid Telegram premium Turkey OpenStreetMap Türkiye You can communicate with other OSM editors in Turkey
Telegram @osm_uz Uzbekistan OSM O'zbekistan - Uzbekistan
Telegram @OSMYemen Yemen OSM Yemen


Group Country / Region City Group name Description / Websites
OpenStreetMap Albania Albania OpenStreetMap Albania
Telegram @bygis Belarus ГИС в Беларуси
Telegram @byosm Belarus OpenStreetMap Беларусь
Telegram @osmbh Bosnia and Herzegovina OpenStreetMap Bosnia and Herzegovina
Telegram @osmcat Catalan Countries Comunitat en Català d'OpenStreetMap Bridged to Matrix-messaging-logo.png WikiProject Catalan
Telegram @osmhr Croatia OpenStreetMap Croatia, mailing list
Telegram @openstreetmapcz Czech Republic OpenStreetMap Czechia Bridged to IRC, Jabber and Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix
Telegram @osmFI Finland OpenStreetMap Finland
Telegram @osmfr France OpenStreetMap France Bridged to Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix
Telegram @OSM_Alsace France OSM Alsace
Telegram @OSM_de Germany
OSM German (D-A-CH)
Telegram @osmberlin Germany Berlin OSM Berlin
Telegram @osm_de_hh Germany Hamburg OSM Hamburg
Telegram @osm_mainz Germany Mainz OSM Mainz
Telegram @OpenStreetMapItalia Italy OpenStreetMapItalia Bridged with Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix
Telegram @OpenStreetMapFvg Italy Friuli Venezia Giulia OpenStreetMapFvg
Telegram @OSMCuneo Italy Cuneo Mappers OpenStreetMap Cuneo link d'invito
Telegram @OSMLombardia Italy Lombardia Mappers OpenStreetMap Lombardia link d'invito
Telegram @OSMAsti Italy Asti Mappers OpenStreetMap Asti link d'invito
Telegram @OSM_TO Italy Torino OsmTO OpenStreetMap mappers in the province of Turin (Italian-speaking group)
Telegram @OSMFerroviarioIT Italy Italy Italian Railway Mappers OpenStreetMap invite link
Telegram @OSMkosovo Kosovo OpenStreetMap Kosovo Bridged to Matrix-messaging-logo.png Matrix.
Telegram @OSMMoldova Moldova OSM Moldova GoogleGroups
Telegram @osm_mne Montenegro OpenStreetMap Montenegro
Telegram @osm_nl Netherlands OpenStreetMap Nederland
Telegram @OSM_no Norway OpenStreetMap Norway
Telegram @OpenStreetMapPolska Poland OpenStreetMap Polska
Telegram @OSM_Gora_Kalwaria Poland Góra Kalwaria OpenStreetMap Góra Kalwaria
Telegram @OSM_Warszawa Poland Warszawa OpenStreetMap Warszawa
Telegram @OSMPortugal Portugal OpenStreetMap Portugal
Telegram @OSMRomania Romania OSM Romania Facebook user 1487443198159793 talk-ro
Telegram @ruosm Russia OpenStreetMap RU VK public Facebook user
Telegram @osm_nn Russia Nizhny Novgorod OSM Нижний Новгород VK public
Telegram @osm_pnz Russia Penza OpenStreetMap Пенза
Telegram @OsmUral Russia Челябинская область, Свердловская область, Республика Башкортостан, Пермский край, Ханты-Мансийский автономный округ, Республика Коми, Оренбургская область OSM Ural Chat united community of the Ural region. VK Chelyabinsk group.
Telegram @josm_ru Russia JOSM RU Russian-language chat about JOSM
Telegram @everydoor_ru Russia Every Door Russian-language chat about Every Door
Telegram @streetcomplete_ru Russia StreetComplete. Квесты для OSM Russian-language chat about StreetComplete
Telegram @ osm_sr Serbia OSM Serbia Search in Telegram for "osm_sr"/Претражите у Телеграму "osm_sr"
Telegram @osm_si Slovenia OSM Slovenija
Telegram @OSMes Spain OSM Spain Linked with IRC, Matrix and Slack. Twitter user@openstreetmapes
Telegram @osmcyl Spain OSM Castilla y León
Telegram @osmgalicia Spain/Galicia Galicia OSM Galicia Twitter user@osmgalicia
Telegram @OSMValencia Spain OSM Comunidad Valenciana
Telegram @OSMmadrid Spain/Comunidad de Madrid OSM Comunidad de Madrid
Telegram @osmSE Sweden OpenStreetMap Sweden

Telegram @osmUA Ukraine OSM UA (OpenStreetMap Ukraine) Website

Twitter user@osm_ua

Facebook user openstreetmapua


FB Messenger

Slack (ask @ndygol for invite)


Group Country / Region City Group name Description / Websites



Channel Country / Region City Channel Name Website
Telegram @OSM_Anuncios Argentina OSM Argentina: Anuncios Announcements and news of the Argentine community and OSM in general.
Telegram @osmbrasil Brazil OSM Brasil
Telegram @osmsulpaulista Brazil OSM Sul Paulista Twitter user@OSM_SP
Telegram @osmblogpt Brazil OSM Blog Português
Telegram @osmblogen North America OSM Blog English
Telegram @osmbloges Latin America OSM Blog Spanish
Telegram @osmblogfr French Guiana OSM Blog French


Channel Country / Region City Channel Name Website
Telegram @osmblogen Africa OSM Blog English
Telegram @osmblogfr Africa OSM Blog French


Channel Country / Region City Channel Name Description
Telegram @osmAsia Asia OSM Asia OpenStreetMap-related news and updates in Asia
Telegram @OpenStreetMapIr Iran OSM Iran OpenStreetMap Iran News Twitter user@OSM_IRAN
Telegram @OSM_Korea Korea OpenStreetMap Korea Infos Channel A channel for news and information from OSM Korea and foreign language news summarized in Korean. View on the web / RSS feeds
Telegram @osmturkce Turkey OpenStreetMap Türkiye Kanalı - Turkey Channel Get news and informations from OSM in Turkish.


Channel Country / Region City Channel Name Website
Telegram @ruosm_news Russia Russian OSM news
Telegram @shtosm Russia WhatOSM (ШтОСМ) news Twitter user@shtosm
Telegram @schemotechnika Russia Schemo meet-up
Telegram @osmblogen Europe OSM Blog English
Telegram @osmblogfr Europe OSM Blog French
Telegram @osmblogit Europe OSM Blog Italiano
Telegram @osmblogde Europe OSM Blog Deutsche
Telegram @osmbloges Europe OSM Blog Spanish


Channel Country / Region City Channel Name Website
Telegram @osmblogen Oceania OSM Blog English


Bot Name Twitter Github Website
Telegram @osmbot The OpenStreetMap bot for Telegram Twitter user@osmbot_telegram Xevib/osmbot
Telegram @OSMbot_channel News and tips for the OpenStreetMap bot for Telegram
Telegram @osmChangesetBot OSM changes Bot
Telegram @osm_streak_bot OSM Streak Bot Zverik/osmstreak [1]

Anti-spam initiative (Discontinued)

Main article: List of OSM centric Telegram accounts/anti-spam initiative

Discontinued project!

Group owners and group admins of new or existing Telegram groups should also see our initiative against spam. Click here for more information about it and to make your group and your admins part of our initiative. We share a common ban list and therefore the group administrations are helping each other. No OSM group needs to fight spam alone!

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  1. For information on how to use the translation feature for languages that are not officially supported, see 'How to use/translate informal language in Telegram'.