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General groups

Groups possibly focusing on some topics of global (non-regional) interest.

Group Interest Group Name Description / websites
Telegram @OpenStreetMapOrg OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap Non-official, unauthorized OpenStreetMap supergroup on Telegram for discussions related to OpenStreetMap
Telegram @GeoLadies Women in Geo/Mapping GeoLadies English-speaking Telegram channel advocating for community diversity, collaborative participation, and affirmative space for women and under-represented communities in OpenStreetMap.
Telegram @hotosm Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team HOT OSM Twitter user@hotosm
Telegram @OpenStreetMapDev OpenStreetMap Dev OpenStreetMap Dev Telegram channel for developers and development of anything OpenStreetMap related.
Telegram @osmvegan Veganism OSM Vegan Telegram public supergroup for mapping vegan and vegetarian stores around the world, as well as another issues related to this subject.
Telegram @openchargemap openchargemap OpenChargeMap Telegram group for Electric Vehicle drivers and how to map Charging stations.

Local community chats by continent / country


Group Country Region / City Group name Description / Websites
Telegram @OSMLatam Latin America Group of Latin America community Map overview on umap
Telegram @osm_ar Argentina OSM Argentina
Telegram @osm_mis_ar Argentina Misiones OSM Misiones Argentina
Telegram @OSM_GLAM Argentina OSM GLAM - Grupo GLAM project.
Telegram @osmbolivia Bolivia OSM Bolivia
Telegram @OSMBrasil_Comunidade Brazil OSM Brasil - Comunidade
Telegram @OSMBrasil_Suporte Brazil OSM Brasil - Suporte
Telegram @OSMBrasil_Avancado Brazil OSM Brasil - Avançado
Telegram @OSMBrasil_Wiki Brazil OSM Brasil - Wiki
Telegram @osmce Brazil Ceará OSM Ceará
Telegram @osmBSB Brazil Brasília OSM Brasília
Telegram @osmBA Brazil Bahia OSM-BA
Telegram @OSMBrasil_ES Brazil Espírito Santo OSMBrasil - ES
Telegram @osmMG Brazil Minas Gerais OSM-MG
Telegram @osmPA Brazil Pará OpenStreetMap Pará
Telegram @osm_pernambuco Brazil Pernambuco OpenStreetMap Pernambuco
Telegram @osmRJ Brazil Rio de Janeiro OSM Rio de Janeiro
Telegram @osmRS Brazil Rio Grande do Sul OpenStreetMap Rio Grande do Sul
Telegram @osm_sm Brazil Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul OSM Santa Maria
Telegram @osmne Brazil Nordeste OSM Nordeste
Telegram @osmsc Brazil Santa Catarina OSMBrasil_SC
Telegram @osmsp Brazil São Paulo OSM São Paulo
Telegram @MapillaryBrasil Brazil Mapillary Brasil
Telegram @mapatonaestradareal Brazil Mapatona Estrada Real
Telegram @osm_classificacao_vias Brazil Classificação de Vias
Telegram @TraduzaOSM Brazil Traduza OSM pt-BR
Telegram @osmca Canada OSM Canada
Telegram @OSMcl Chile Comunidad OpenStreetMap en Chile
Telegram @osmco Colombia Comunidad OSM Colombia
Telegram @OSM_Cuba Cuba Comunidad de OSM para Cuba
Telegram @MappingEcuador Ecuador MappingEcuador Facebook user OpenStreetMap.Ecuador
Telegram @MapaNica Nicaragua MapaNica
Telegram @osm_py Paraguay OSM Paraguay
Telegram @Comunidad_OSM_Panama Panama OSM Panamá
Telegram @osmPe Peru Comunidad OSM Perú
Telegram @OSMve Venezuela Comunidad OSM Venezuela
Telegram @OSM Centroamérica Costa Rica OSM Central Centroamérica
Telegram @openstreetmapGT Guatemala Comuninad de Guatemala


Group Country Region / City Group name Description / Websites
Telegram @OSMAfrica Africa OSM Africa OpenStreetMap Africa
Telegram @OSMGhana Ghana OSM Ghana OpenStreetMap Ghana


Group Country Region / City Group name Description / Websites
Telegram @OpenStreetMapAsia Asia OpenStreetMap Asia Un-official, casual community of OpenStreetMap contributors, and friends, in Asia. Bridge:Telegram-Matrix
Telegram @OpenStreetMap Iran OSM Iran WebSite: Forum:
Telegram @OSMIndia India OSM India
Telegram @osmkerala India Kerala Osm Kerala
Telegram @osmKorea South Korea
North Korea
OSM Korea
Telegram @OSMph Philippines OSM Philippines OpenStreetMap Philippines, Facebook user osmPH
Telegram @OSMTaiwan Taiwan (Rep. of China) OSM Taiwan Facebook user OpenStreetMap.TW
Telegram @osmjapan Japan OSM Japan
Telegram @osm_uz Uzbekistan OSM Uzbekistan
Telegram @osm_kz Kazakhstan OSM Kazakhstan
Telegram @OSMSaudi Saudi Arabia OSM Saudi Group for OSM community in Saudi Arabia, it's for sharing ideas and doing collaborative work in the region.
Telegram @OSM_Israel Israel OSM Israel


Group Country Region / City Group name Description / Websites
Telegram @bygis Belarus ГИС в Беларуси
Telegram @byosm Belarus OpenStreetMap Беларусь
Telegram @osmbih Bosnia and Herzegovina OpenStreetMap BiH
Telegram @OSM_cz Czech Republic OpenStreetMap Czechia
Telegram @osmfr France OpenStreetMap France
@OSMGalicia Galicia Galiza OSM Galicia Twitter user@osmgalicia
Telegram @OSM_de Germany OSM Germany
Telegram @osmberlin Germany Berlin OSM Berlin
Telegram @osmberlinverkehr Germany Berlin OSM Verkehrswende Berlin Talk:Berlin/Verkehrswende
Telegram @osm_de_hh Germany Hamburg OSM Hamburg
Telegram @OSMItalia Italy OSM Italy
Telegram @OpenStreetMapFvg Italy Friuli Venezia Giulia OpenStreetMapFvg
Telegram @OSMCuneo Italy Cuneo Mappers OpenStreetMap Cuneo link d'invito
Telegram @OSMMoldova Moldova OSM Moldova GoogleGroups
Telegram @osm_nl Netherlands OpenStreetMap Nederland
Telegram @OSM_no Norway OpenStreetMap Norway
Telegram @osmwarszawa Poland Warszawa OpenStreetMap Warszawa
Telegram @OSMPortugal Portugal OpenStreetMap Portugal
Telegram @OSMRomania Romania OSM Romania Facebook user 1487443198159793 talk-ro
Telegram @ruosm Russia OpenStreetMap RU VK public Facebook user
Telegram @osm_nn Russia Nizhny Novgorod OSM Нижний Новгород VK public
Telegram @OsmChel Russia Chelyabinsk OSM Челябинск и область VK public
Telegram @osm_sr Serbia OSM Serbia
Telegram @OSMes Spain OSM Spain Linked with IRC, Matrix and Slack.
Telegram @osmSE Sweden OpenStreetMap Sweden
Telegram @osmUA Ukraine OSM UA (OpenStreetMap Ukraine) Website

Twitter user@osm_ua

Facebook user openstreetmapua


FB Messenger

Slack (ask @ndygol for invite)


Group Country Region / City Group name Description / Websites



Channel Country Region / City Channel Name Website
Telegram @osmbrasil Brazil OSM Brasil
Telegram @osmsulpaulista Brazil OSM Sul Paulista Twitter user@OSM_SP
Telegram @osmblogpt Brazil OSM Blog Português
Telegram @osmblogen North America OSM Blog English
Telegram @osmbloges Latin America OSM Blog Spanish
Telegram @osmblogfr French Guiana OSM Blog French


Channel Country Region / City Channel Name Website
Telegram @osmblogen Africa OSM Blog English
Telegram @osmblogfr Africa OSM Blog French


Channel Country Region / City Channel Name Description
Telegram @osmAsia Asia OSM Asia OpenStreetMap-related news and updates in Asia
Telegram @OpenStreetMapIr Iran OSM Iran OpenStreetMap Iran News Twitter user@OSM_IRAN


Channel Country Region / City Channel Name Website
Telegram @ruosm_news Russia Russian OSM news
Telegram @shtosm Russia WhatOSM (ШтОСМ) news Twitter user@shtosm
Telegram @schemotechnika Russia Schemo meet-up
Telegram @osmblogen Europe OSM Blog English
Telegram @osmblogfr Europe OSM Blog French
Telegram @osmblogit Europe OSM Blog Italiano
Telegram @osmblogde Europe OSM Blog Deutsche
Telegram @osmbloges Europe OSM Blog Spanish


Channel Country Region / City Channel Name Website
Telegram @osmblogen Oceania OSM Blog English


Bot Name Twitter Github Website
Telegram @osmbot The OpenStreetMap bot for Telegram Twitter user@osmbot_telegram Xevib/osmbot
Telegram @OSMbot_channel News and tips for the OpenStreetMap bot for Telegram
Telegram @osm_streak_bot OSM Streak Bot Zverik/osmstreak [1]