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Data Project not Community Project

Craig Allan : The application is good quality. However I would like to see far more discussion about building OSM community structures as mentioned briefly in "Yer Çizenler’s community activities (mapathons, workshops, seminars, etc.)" and much less about speed and efficiency in adding data to the database. I don't believe these micro-grants are for building data, but rather for building OSM communities and OSM systems that support mapping.

Can Ünen : Thank you for your feedback on the quality of the application. One of the reasons I may have failed to mention community activities and data efficiency would be the word limit of the proposal. Some key parts may have been missed out after paraphrasing. Yer Çizenler is networking heavily with the student clubs of the Geomatics department in Turkey, and The National Chamber of Survey and Cadastre Engineers. We have organized Missing Maps Mapathons, GNU/Linux workshops, QGIS workshops etc. with the chamber. With our core team and an additional 7 volunteers we have translated Tasking Manager 4 and are currently translating WeeklyOSM blog to the Turkish OSM community. And per the community members' request we are planning to take on translation of LearnOSM and JOSM as well. The microgrant we are applying will support our cause in both data and community-wise in this perspective. We will have better hardware to edit, and we will have more laptops to share, that will result in the expansion of our core team. And with our core team we will organize mapathons that would focus on local Mapillary digitization added to global missing maps tasks, we will be able to temporarily provide laptops in those events to those who don't have one, and we will be able to pace up on our translations to share with the Turkish community. Thanks again for your comments, and I hope that tho OSM community would consider our proposal worth supporting.