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Lacks promotion of OSM

Craig Allan : This project generates map content with significant social benefit. I do not find a clear impact explanation of the benefit to the promotion of the global OSM project or to the systems and structures of the OSMF.

Mikko Tamura : We would like to encourage other people that OSM is a key component in adding map information. Since HIV is a very pressing issues in my country. This can be a possible entry point for the our national Department of Health to see that open source data and OSM is a key component specially in our efforts to push forth mapping HIV facilities. Currently, we have somehow collected data but we would wish to add more information on OSM that is updated and validated. We hope you could support us as the initial HIV mapping by our community has gotten the attention of major stakeholders in the PLHIV and Health communities. We would want them to be onboard and we would wish to put the OSM Foundation on the for front in making this possible.