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Congratulations on being the first to submit a proposal! I have some comments that hopefully will be useful for you. Note that I am a random mapper, and not a person organizing microgrants program.

Unusual internet costs

Note that "Internet Load per Participant" cost seems to be extremely high and unusual. Maybe Philippines have unusual expensive internet (or I am missing something) but some explanation would be useful here. Maybe link to a typical internet offer that you plan to use?

  • "Internet Load per Participant €109.10" - in Poland it would be enough to buy 20 months of unlimited internet (in practice capped at around 50 GB/month) or 50 months of internet sufficient for OSM mapping. From quick check it appears that in Philippines Internet is about 3-4 times more expensive, but 100 € in internet costs per participant still seems very high.

MapBeks: added detail that each participant gets a E 1.82 internet stipend which can be used for 3 days. This would be for 60 participants and 5 sessions

  • "Internet Connection €36.37/month" - is it really a typical internet price in Philippines? claims that extremely fast 8 Mbps Internet (that is a ridiculous overkill for OSM needs) would be below 30 €/month

Mapbeks: added sample plan to proposal

Give aways

MapBeks: Thank you for this. We have adjusted the swags for the best mappers/contributors per session. Since we are targeting 60 participants I think it would suffice to reward the top 12 mappers. Thank you for the heads up.


"In light of the ongoing health crisis regarding COVID19, we will not be awarding microgrants for projects which require offline group gatherings and in-person meetings, although these ideas are certainly valuable for future rounds." was added recently - see

(I think that it seems overly cautious, but clarification of whatever it is compatible with your proposal may be useful)

MapBeks: Thank you for the feedback. We have adjusted the proposal to cater and focus the resources more on securing internet connectivity of participants

OSMF role

note that OSMF is not making tagging decisions (except extremely rare cases) - the best place to get "assistance in improving tags on LGBTQ spaces and HIV facilities" would be one of OSM communities like tagging mailing list or one of other places with OSM discussions like OSM forums, OSM Telegram group, one of slack groups

Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 11:57, 21 April 2020 (UTC)

MapBeks: This is duly noted and the proposal has been edited. Thank you

Sponsors People not build organisation

Craig Allan: This project generates important social content for the LGBT community. However, most funding is paid to participants and the work does not seem sustainable. My preference is for projects that work towards building durable OSM infrastructure and/or sustainable organisations centred on OSM mapping.

Mikko: As per the budget, the majority of the expenses would be focused on securing means of communication. The. proposal also considers in the event that all participants are not capable of getting stable connection. The problem in with LGBT community is that work like this do not get attention that easy because of the vast and diverse efforts done. One group is distant from another. Through the support of the OSM Foundation, we can be able to capture the attention of the larger LGBT groups and eventually the smaller ones would follow. We can also look at it at a perspective of the other way around. Whichever the focus of the implementation, the goal is to get more information on LGBT spaces - empower them and be proud that they can put LGBT spaces on the map.