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Mapnik performance

For this project some label rendering will be done on-demand, so performance in critical. Please follow for a discussion of the possibility for speeding up label rendering in Mapnik either through stylesheet changes or profiling and improving the placement and rendering code.

Caching and URL parameters

"We could also add it the end after a question mark: /tiles/osm/3/2/1.png?lang=en,de. That might be problematic for caching again, as some caches might think that URLs which such parameters can not be cached."

This is an urban myth. Caches normally don't care about the URL. They do care about cookies, Cache-Control and Expires headers, though. The reason why we tend to connect URL parameters with non-cacheability is because URL parameters are often handled by badly written server-side code that ignores cacheability completely. -- Eckhart 20:56, 27 September 2012 (BST)