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Update: Wikimedia Foundation has now Internationalisation of maps:,_2018,_Special_Update_on_Map_Internationalization

The Multilingual Maps Wikipedia project is project to set up map internationalization rendering servers for Wikipedia. The goal of this project is to realize a flexible and fast tile rendering and storage system for multilingual map tiles. The system should deliver OpenStreetMap tiles in any language (depending on availability of OSM data in that language of course) to a map run on Wikipedia.

Kicking off in 2012, this project was funded by Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. (the Wikimedia local chapter in Germany), and Jochen Topf was working on development until December 2012.

The demo-website (now defunct) was running on a FOSSGIS-Server. We are looking in the moment for a way to include this map inside Wikimedia environment and make it so more popular.


This design document describes the reason for our design decisions in much more detail. At the end of the project we published this Multilingual maps Wikipedia project/Final Report in December 2012.

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How you can help?

  • You can always help adding name:LANGUAGE tags to OSM with translated object names which will later be used by this project to render map labels.

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