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Available languages — Nomino
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Screenshot of Nomino
Authors: Emmanuel Dewaele, Cyrille Giquello
License: GNU Affero General Public License
Platform: Web
Languages: English, French, and Catalan
Source code:
Programming languages: PHP and JavaScript

Nomino is an OpenStreetMap editor which specialises in place name translation.


In OpenStreetMap, place names (name key) are written in the local language, and most maps display this name. Although roman characters are used in most countries, there is variety of other languages with their own alphabets; the map of China or Russia is illegible to a French person for example. It is possible to specify places names in any language you want with name:*=* keys. Toolserver's localised maps are good examples how maps can be rendered in a given language. It is possible to add name:*=* attributes with JOSM or Potlatch, but these tools are not really efficient for this task.


  • Sign in with Oauth
  • Search for place objects with Nominatim
  • Edit name-related tags
  • Get translations proposals ([1]) from OSM-Wikipedia-place-name-tool
  • Send changes to OpenStreetMap server or get the *.OSM file
  • Available in English, French and Catalan


Nomino is a web-based application. It supports OSM authentications with OAuth.


Integrate Nomino

You can invoke Nomino for it to retrieve a given object and display the "Translate" form.

Call the URL


Localisation in Nomino consists in two parts: string translation with gettext, and user documentation.

Gettext: you can create a PO file (default.po) with Poedit, and translate every string.

In conf.php, add a new entry in the list of locales

public static $UI_LANGUAGUES = array('fr'=>'fr_FR.utf8','ln'=>'ln_CN.utf8');

ln is for the two-letters language code, CN for the country code. For instance, the name of a German locale would be de_DE.utf8. Poedit generates a MO file automatically from the PO file. Add default.po and, in the suitable folder:


Documentation: The user documentation is stored in a PHP file. The English version is in the doc.php file. Copy the file in folder where your PO file is stored, and translate the documentation.

Also translate this wiki page.