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Checklist on further work on Road Classification

  • Give examples of the types of road.
  • Collect pictures for different road types.
  • Match road examples with official classification.

Basis of classification

To classify roads in the first place, we need to understand the importance of the classification. Any thoughts?

We could use a kind of a flow chart or a tree to help people identify which road is which?


  1. Ring Road
    • Carries major traffic
    • not residential
    • two lane / four lane at places
    • very few traffic-lights, speed disruptions

Main roads carrying traffic straight from Outside Highway -> Ringroad -> Inside City

  1. Koteshwor - Baneshwor
  2. Kalanki - Teku - Tripureshwor
  3. Balaju - Samakhusi
  4. Maharajgung - Lazimpat

Main roads carrying traffic inside the city from RingRoad

  1. Lagankhel Satdobato Road
    • Pitched, High Traffic, Two lanes, travels from inside old houses
  2. Ekantakuna Jawalakhel Road
    • Pitched, High Traffic, Two lanes, travels from inside old houses
  3. Nakkhu Bhanimandal Jawalakhel
  4. Kalimati Balkhu Road
  5. Roads from Gaushala

Major Roads inside Valley

Roads primarily used for people to Walk, Specially in around the Durbar Squares

  1. FreakStreet
  2. Kasthamandap -> NaraDevi Road
  3. Mangalbazaar -> Banglamukhi Road

Roads in new settlement areas Work In Progress

Points of discussion

  • From this description, gallis can either be highway=service or highway=pedestrian. Some gallis are used for through access and are almost residential "roads" for motorcycles, others are not. Should we use highway=service for the former and highway=pedestrian for the latter?

I was thinking highway=footpath made more sense for gallis. Service road could be used for non-residential complexes, access to and within universities, access to and within parking lots, etc. Highway=pedestrians is generally used for wider roads to which access of motorvehicles is restricted or limited. This is my understanding. What do you think?

  • lanes = 1: in the US context, lanes = 1 means one lane per direction (unless it is a one-way road). Our definition is counting lanes in both directions. Is this consistent with the European standards (ie, on what most routing apps with think)?

Here's a page describing usage of lanes

I think there are different defaults for different types of rods. Need to look into this more.