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I've added a map overlaid with division of Greater Nottingham into numerous slices. Some of these may be too big (particularly to the N & E): if so feel free to split them. It may help to keep the numbering system and just subdivide these areas. Equally my names might not be the most appropriate SK53 15:18, 5 February 2009 (UTC)

I've started work on Arnold (more specifically, Redhill), cake slice 36, as my first contribution to OSM. I uploaded my first streets yesterday from JOSM, but they're not yet on the main map; I'm planning to do a little more this weekend as part of a family visit. Any comments welcome, before I do too much wrong! Thanks. Tupholme 13:07, 20 March 2009 (UTC)

City Boundary

A relation exists for the City Boundary: relation 123292.

This seems problematical (sourcing it accurately and according to OSM guidelines). These are notes or an aide memoire to assist in working out where additional detailed information is required.

City of Nottingham signposts are not wholly reliable (for instance that on Derby Road inbound is probably 200 metres inside the boundary), and significant changes have taken place since the New Popular edition OS maps.

The original area of Nottingham was extended to include the parishes of Radford, Basford, Lenton and Sneinton towards the end of 19th century. Some tidying up of boundaries along the Trent occurred then or later (the Meadows S of Wilford Crescent used to be in Wilford, hence name of street & name of Suspension bridge). Areas round the Hook and the City Ground also used to be in either the City or Sneinton. Similarly areas of the city W of Clifton Grove (e.g., Holme Pit SSSI) were at one stage in Attenborough parish. Extension in the 20th century included Bulwell; Bilborough and Wollaton parishes between the wars; the area N of the General Hospital and large parts of Colwick.

NPE boundaries are as follows, sections numbered (in brackets) for reference: At the Trent runs along the left bank from a point opposite Clifton Grove to a point W of the base of the loop of the river at Victoria Embankment (1), thence across towards the Memorial Gardens, probably through or along W edge of the Memorial Gardens (2), across the Trent N of the Suspension Bridge (3), then enclosing the land currently occupied by the County Council offices (4), obscure around Trent Bridge (5), thence encloses the City Ground (6), the W half of the area formerly occupied by Trent Pool (now Sports Grounds) (7), back to the right bank of the Trent and then encloses the Hook (8), then along the mid-line of the Trent to W (upstream) end of Holme Cut (current main course of Trent) (9), continuing along mid-line of old course of the Trent to the top of the loop near E end of Colwick Country Park (10), passes approximately through junction of Daleside Rd E and Vale Road (11), and then up the hill apparently between May Avenue and Greenwood Road (12), across Oakdale Road between Dovedale Rd and Middledale Road (13), path is then obscured until it crosses Carlton Hill near Brentcliffe Avenue (14), continuing NW to Porchester Road (15), then along Porchester Rd to its N end (16), NE along Woodborough Road to its junction with Woodthorpe Road (17), then along Woodthorpe Road to Mansfield Road (18), N along Mansfield Road to N of junction with Ribblesdale Road (19), then close to former station marked on NPE (20), thence obscure to a point on Arnold Lane near its junction with Edwards Lane (21), then roughly NE to a point close to the former site of Redhill Farm (22), and thereon W mainly along the S boundary of Bestwood (Country) Park (23), N of Rise Park to B683 (24), N along B683 for 200-300 m (25), W crossing the Leen S of Mill Lakes to A611 S of roundabout for Hucknall bypass (26), then skirting the W edge of small housing estate to former railway line (27), then along N and W edges of Bulwell Hall Park (28), then generally SW to former railway line just N of Sellars Wood (29), through the E part of Sellars Wood to its SE corner (30), then SSE until nearly at Hempshill Lane (31), then just E of the A6002 nearly to the junction with the A610 (32), then more or less due E to Phoenix Park (P&R, former Cinderhill Colliery) (33), then a little obscure but I believe it pass N & W of Amesbury Crescent to Broxtowe Country Park (34), along the N & W boundary of Broxtowe Country Park (35), along N boundary of Chilwell Dam Plantation to A6002 (36), then encloses area of former Chilwell Dam farm (NPE) (37), turns S along edge of park of Strelley Hall and W edge of Stonepit Plantation to Strelley Main Street E of Broak Oak pub (38), crosses back across A6002 to a point N of Bilborough College (39), along N edge of Bilborough College campus back to A6002 (40), then S along Bilborough Lane to Balloon Woods junction (41), along Coventry Lane for 100-200 m (42), then SSE following line of cycle path continuing in same direction to Bramcote Lane (43), then SW until under E scarp of Bramcote Ridge at Alexandrina Plantation (44), then E nearly to line of Tottle Brook and then S to Derby Road, following a line W of Wollaton Vale (45), crossing Derby Road W of junction with Wollaton Vale and continuing S aligned with Woodside Road nearly to Manton Crescent (46), encloses the entirety of the estate around Manton Crescent to W of Woodside Road (47), thence to Broadgate about 100m W of roundabout (48), obscure until it crosses Queens Drive again 100-200 m W of roundabout (49), then s TO Hassocks Lane E along Hassocks Lane to University Sports field (50, along E & S boundary of University Sports field doubling back to railway (51), then SSE across Boots site to the canal (52), and FINALLY returns to the Trent following the same line (53). SK53 15:04, 9 May 2009 (UTC)