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  • There are references on the page to icon_name and icon_name_style - but no information about these tags. Please clarify.
  • I renamed icon_name to icon_text -> I changed the references accordingly.
  • I think that icon_label appears ON the icon, whereas icon_text appears beside it. Is this right?
  • Yes, that's right. To be more precise icon_text normally appears below.
  • How is the format of text determined where it appears on a polygon? Is it using icon_text_style or icon_label_style?
  • Polygons are handled like Points, where the coordinates are calculated as mathematical centre (which is a really bad method, because the centre may not be on the polygon but beside it - but it's even the default for the famous Mapnik rendering. I have some code in queue which calculates a better centre). If you use icon_text(_style) to place text it will appear below the icon, with icon_label(_style) it will appear on the icon.
  • What happens if more than one rule in the same category provides a positive match?
  • first come, first serve (ordered by importance down and then by the order of rules in the category).

Rostranimin 16:24, 18 February 2012 (UTC)

-- Skunk 06:09, 19 March 2012 (UTC)