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What is Organized Editing?

Editing is organised when an institution directs group editing activities in OpenStreetMap for which the institution and mappers have some form of direct benefit. That benefit could include remuneration, fulfilling a class obligation, or some other tangible exchange.

Directed mapping does make valuable contributions of content but carries the risk that the mappers recruited may not be personally committed to supporting OSM and it's values, and may be less diligent in following OSM guidelines, which may lead to problems with data capture.

Situations like mapping parties, mapathons or workshops would not typically qualify as directed editing if the participants are voluntarily engaging with a mapping activity in order to gain experience, contribute and learn.

Such mappers are observed to be more committed to the ethics of open sourced mapping and more likely to search out and observe mapping guidelines.

Statement of Concerns

The OSM map represents a very large investment of work, and community members regard it as a valuable property which is vulnerable to damage. Directed map editing is considered a higher risk to the integrity of the map for the reasons above. Voluntary mappers are not without problems, especially when beginners, but they are regarded as a lesser risk.

The OSMF therefore wishes to manage the risks associated with directed mapping. Typical damage is listed below, but there are other forms of damage. All damage to the map requires time-consuming corrections.


  • Mappers draw pictures on the map
  • Mappers delete, deface or corrupt large portions of the map
  • Mappers are sloppy in tracing features
  • Mappers follow the tagging policy (The 'Use any tag you want' policy)
  • Other ...


The actions taken to mitigate the risk of damage to the map, and to assist in repairing the map after damage has occurred, are contained in a statement of best practice for directed mapping. The user organising the directed mapping is assumed to be a person who is experienced in OSM, and one who will be aware, or who will be made aware, of the Best Practices statement.

Best Practices

Declare affiliations

The organisation doing directed mapping should be visible as a group and its members should be visible as individuals. This helps the broader community understand who is participating, what they are doing and why. Visibility assists in contacting mappers, or the project lead, when problems arise. Or when praise is due.

The Organisation should:

  • Have a visible presence in the OSM community, such as a page on this Wiki, a page on a local chapter web page, a Facebook page or a GitHub page.
  • Provide its organisation's official name, a short description of its mapping objectives and contact details.
  • Identify one person who is designated as the project lead.
  • List the team members by their OSM accounts on the project page. Real names are optional.

Mappers in the project should:

  • Declare their membership of a directed mapping project on their mapper profile pages

Communicate and be contactable

  • Messages and comments should get prompt responses
  • Designated leads should be reachable and responsive
  • Publish relevant details on mapping projects and invite input
  • Proactively outreach and develop relationships with local communities where you work
  • Share accomplishments and results periodically with the OSM community
  • Established organized editing teams should onboard new organized editing teams

Quality Control

  • For group editing, have integrated quality assurance processes that reflect the types of quality control you would expect for your organization.
  • Implement and share quality assurance tools and processes

Full part of the community

  • Be a full part of community. Take part not only as mappers, but as community members in the local and global community as well.
  • Help improve the community in multiple ways, for example, promoting documentation and public communications, taking active roles in the OSM Foundation, participation in State of the Map conferences and local meetings.
  • Abide by community policies and norms, for instance following best practices for imports and tagging.
  • Be a good community member. Participate. Be a good steward of the OSM database.

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Wiki organisation#Pages naming convention describes the naming guidelines for this wiki. Can we apply them for this page as well? This would change the name to Organised editing best practice. --Tigerfell This user is member of the wiki team of OSM (Let's talk) 22:43, 17 December 2018 (UTC)