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Lessons Learned

A number of the points raised in lessons learned, are I feel more to do with perhaps the use of scaling in the tiles generated for Nestoria.

The image below shows a screen shot from the Nestoria tile on the left, alongside an image rendered using Osmarender 3, with a scale set at 1.0. (SVG generated by msxsl, opened in Inkscape and then exported as a png). The only difference nbetween the "standard" version of Osmarender, and the version I used, is that I have added dy='0.33' to the rules for rendering road names, so that the name is more centarilsed between the casing.


A few things are immediately apparent:

  • the road names are more easily readable in the Nestoria tile as they are larger;
  • since the road names are larger, less of them fit into the length of the relevant road;
  • the symbols for parking appear correctly placed in the right hand image(i.e. they do not overlap the roads);

Tile names

What exactly is the tile naming scheme for google-like maps? Ojw 00:36, 18 November 2006 (UTC)